S is for Steampunk!


I write sexy steampunk, but what is this Steampunk thing people are talking about?


Put five steampunk aficionados in a room and you have ten definitions. My favourite is an elevator pitch I found at the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences:

Steampunk is modern technology—iPads, computers, robotics, air travel—powered by steam and set in the 1800’s.

Remember this? Nathan Fillion as Castle in the episode Punkd.


I enjoy history, but I also love Sci-Fi and imagining what the future can bring. One of the many reasons I have so much fun with steampunk is that it gives me the opportunity to mash past and future together. You’re never quite sure what you come up with;). I’ve lived in London (England) for many years, so my time period and location of choice is Victorian London, but there are fabulous stories dealing with the Old West as well as diverse tellings touching locations like China or Japan and their history.

Now, there is some discussion that “proper” steampunk needs to include a social commentary. The Victorians left a lot of devastation in their wake and the industrial revolution led to pain and suffering for many people. But I write Romance! Even more, I write Naughty Romance, so for me it’s all about the relationship and the love story. Throw in adventure and swashbuckling fun and I’m your girl.

My steampunk books are

Rescue by Ruin, Danger by Dalliance and Dirigibles Are Forever:                        


Danger by Dalliance small










Have you tried steampunk? If you have, who are some of your favourite authors?

8 responses to “S is for Steampunk!

  1. Hi Tina – just bought “Dirigibles are Forever”. I am a British steampunk writer with Edwardian stories set largely in India and Africa. While I don’t write erotica per se I do include the naughty where appropriate and necessary 🙂 my latest (Broken Vows) is a romance while most of the others are mystery/thriller.

    There’s a lot of very interesting steampunk out there, like Cherie Priest’s excellent Clockwork Century books (based around a very different Seattle) and Scott Westerfield’s Leviathan books.

  2. Hi Tina, I haven’t read any steampunk, but am fascinated by the thought of mashing history and sci-fi. It must be so much fun to let your imagination run wild. Plus the sexy romance is a definite perk! 🙂

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  4. I haven’t tried it much, but I’ve liked what I’ve read – and I adore the title of Dirigibles Are Forever. 🙂

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