R is for Romance (Of course!) #AtoZChallenge

Obviously, I could not pick any other subject to write about. I am a ROMANCE writer after all. Today I will list seven things that make Romance Readers happy.

Relationship – The relationship between the hero and heroine has to be genuine, it should grow as the story progresses while bringing the reader along with them.

Realistic – Yes we read romance to escape the humdrum of day to day life, but at the same time, it’s amazing when a story is so compelling and real, we actually forget its fiction. That is what brings a reader back to the author.

Rebel – Who wants a pushover? Not romance readers. We want a bad boy that rebels against the norm and pushes the limits. We love the heroine who goes against the norm. Something about the incredibly handsome man who is just dangerous enough to make us wonder if he’ll ever settle down.

Relaxing – Don’t you just love those times in a story when the hero and heroine take time to relax and just be together? One of my favorite scenes is of a tortured hero (a vampire). He is working out and suddenly his wife and child visit him because the baby is crying for him. It is such a tender sweet moment.

Racy – It wouldn’t be a romance without some raciness, whether tame or hot monkey sex, the allure of reading romance is to be there when the two come together. It’s awesome to be there in that culminating moment that sets our hearts aflutter and other parts to tingle.

Rocky – Most romantic stories have those moments when a reader holds their breath hoping the characters will overcome whatever obstacle enters. Those rocky points in the story are always an attention grabber.

Relish – A good story will leave a reader relishing the story and thinking about the characters long after the last page is turned. We relish not just a good ending, but the wonderful journey the writer took us on.

Enjoy your romance and Read On!!


3 responses to “R is for Romance (Of course!) #AtoZChallenge

  1. There are so many things about writing AND reading romance that I love! The joy of overcoming conflict to reach that happily ever after is a journey I’ll take over and over. Thanks for reminding me of some of the reasons I love romance!

  2. Hi Hildie, I love your Rs of Romance! I agree that reading romance is relaxing and exciting at the same time! And you’re so right about relishing the happy ending…when I find myself wishing for a little bit more, that’s the sign of a well told story!

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