Saucy Saturday: A Different Kind of Sexy

Hi all! It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me, between the EDJ and juggling my duties as mom and an author.  But one of the more pleasant tasks I’ve had this past week was looking for stock photos for a series I just got the rights back to.  My plan is to highly edit and expand each story, then re-release them…which of course means new shiny covers!   And since I’m expanding and changing the actual concept of the series to make it a ménage based series, I decided my original cover art didn’t do it justice.

Each story will be sensual and darkly carnal.  (It has to be considering the pairing of  m/m/f.) However my original cover for the first book may have screamed sex….it was more along the lines of Spring Break sexy, where everyone was getting their freak on, and not the dark hidden desire vibe that the revised series will have.  So for the first time in my publishing career, I outsourced the covers for this series. For once I didn’t want half naked guys or scantily clad women gracing the cover of my books.  Instead I wanted something sleek, sophisticated and sexy.    While I can’t reveal yet what the talented Kellie Dennis at Book Covers by Design has come up with, I thought I’d share a few of the pictures I sent to her for inspiration for the rest of the series.  FYI – the frangipani flower is the calling card of the illusive Ms. Calypso who’s responsible for the matchmaking that occurs in each of the six books.


Inspiration for Twice the Chance, Twice the Ecstasy



Inspiration for Tempted by Ecstasy



Inspiration for “A Dose of Old Fashioned Ecstasy”


While this pictures don’t necessarily scream sex…with the right application of filters and other Photoshop magic, Ms. Kellie will turn them into a sleek but sensual covers for my books.

So what do you think? Can the inanimate object be sexy? I’d like to think so.


One response to “Saucy Saturday: A Different Kind of Sexy

  1. I absolutely agree that objects can be sexy. Can anyone look at an apple the same again? Or a silver mask? Symbols stir the visceral in all of us. I love them and cannot wait to see what your new covers look like, chica!

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