#TeaserTuesday: Write to Me by @nonaraines Coming Soon! #contemporary #romance


Gloria Navarro met and married her soul mate. When he died, she felt she’d never know that kind of love again. But when she finds a love letter between the pages of a book and the man who wrote the missive, she starts to believe lightning might strike twice.


To Bryan Dunn, love is a four-letter word. He doesn’t go in for cheap sentiment or hearts-and-flowers. But he wants Gloria, and to get her, he’ll let her believe he wrote the silly letter. The longer he’s with her, though, the more he cares. If she discovers the truth about him, it just might break the heart he never thought he had.

Lavender gloria 

Excerpt from Write to Me:

With my body I thee worship.

Odd that this phrase, part of a religious wedding vow, would occur to Bryan now. His desire for Gloria had nothing to do with theology, everything to do with lust. One of the seven deadly sins.

Yet it felt reverent, too. He wanted to worship her body, take his time, and show her the appreciation and respect she deserved. As he led her into the bedroom, a beatific smile curved her lips, the smile of a sensuous, confident woman. A warm glow lit her eyes, signaling her complete trust. Her expression held no hesitation, no doubt.

He was the one who hesitated. He faltered in the bedroom doorway, suddenly struck by all the lies he’d told. He’d meant to come clean somehow, some way. Now was the perfect opportunity. But if he fessed up, he’d lose her. Lose this chance to be with her. So he made the bargain all liars make.

God, let me get by this once, and I swear I’ll never do it again.

He prayed for Gloria never to find out the lie that brought them together. From here on, it would be the truth and nothing but.

But what kind of relationship could be built on a foundation of lies?

Gloria must have felt his hesitation and took the lead. “Come.” She led him through the doorway, her hand in his.

Inside the bedroom, he caressed, kissed, fondled her as he fumbled with her buttons. She’d unfastened half the buttons of his shirt when he stopped her hand. “Wait.”

Bryan gently urged her onto the bed. Her sweater hung open down the front, revealing her lacy black bra and generous breasts. Her chest, throat, and face were flushed with desire. Her lips were full and red, her eyes hazy.

He was hard as rock, his cock aching to feel her heat. Blood pounded in his ears, nearly deafening him. But it was more than lust he felt. Gratitude welled in his chest and filled his throat. He was the luckiest bastard on the planet to have this woman in his room. In his life.

And the least deserving.

Write to Me will release on Sept. 16! You may pre-order it from:

The Wild Rose Press


Barnes & Noble





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