Wednesday’s Wild Ride Around the Web with Aunt Noony

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I don’t know about you, but my day planner is a wormhole.  I put stuff into it and it multiplies, like rabbits, until there’s way more in it than can possibly fit.  But, unlike a Tardis, the stuff filling my day planner is stuff to do.  There’s always more stuff to do than time, at least in Noonyland.  Take today, for instance.  I have a few hours this morning to do things because I work a later shift at my day job.  Awesome sauce.  I can Get Things Done, TM (no disrespect to the wonderful folks at GTD).  But last night, while I was sleeping the sleep of the dead, my day planner went around and found all the wire hangars in the neighborhood and morphed them into tasks on my task list.  It now resembles the work order for a small manufacturing plant of four hundred workers.

But I am nothing if not stubborn.  I shall overcome.

Or, I shall nap.

But, I digress.

As March winds down and Spring has come, that naturally means that the Nice Girls are Writing Naughty a lot now.  I have Stuff.  And more Stuff.  Read on, McDuff:

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Our second movie night last Friday was a huge hit.  We held it on Facebook and all watched the movie together.  Our hostess Nona Raines had lots of prizes for readers and we partied.  The funny thing about these is that whiz by so quickly.  A movie lasts anywhere from between one and a half to two hours, (four if you’re Peter Jackson), and this seemed like a minute.  I can’t wait to do the next one.


I’m at the Torquere LiveJournal tomorrow for my monthly post there.   I haven’t decided what I’ll be doing for it, so it’ll be a surprise, to me as much as to you, Dear Reader!


Image from Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons license; accessed 3/23/16 from the following URL.

Next week, we’ll be revealing the brand new website of the NGWN Group!  We’ll have a bookstore page, bios, the blog, and all sorts of stuff.  Stay tuned!

Looking forward, April’s a busy month:

  • The A-Z Blog Challenge
  • The RT Booklovers Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA!
  • If you can’t go to RT this year, never fear – the Nice Girls have your back!  We’ll be participating in the TRS Staying Home Party from April 12-17 – right alongside the RT convention.  We’ll have convention highlights from the Nice Girls in attendance, excerpts, recipes, shenanigans, and all sorts of fun stuff.

Stay tuned!  And remember, Dear Reader – Nice Girls Read Naughty!

2 responses to “Wednesday’s Wild Ride Around the Web with Aunt Noony

  1. Hi Catherine aka Noony

    I had a wonderful time Friday evening as I had not seen The Princess Bride movie. You ladies know how to give wonderful parties.

    And, like you I have many items on my to do list as I’m taking vacation days Wednesday thru Friday. Our university is on Spring break this week.


    • Hey, Miss G! Thanks for stopping by! So pleased that you had fun on Friday. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. I had fun too!

      Ooh. Spring Break, huh? Haz funz!!

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