Tuesday Teasers: Benevolent Master

Hey all,

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve even announced any new releases. Between my divorce and fighting off the nasty germs and viruses all winter, my muse packed up and headed to parts unknown.  However, after a little bit of time, a lot of Lysol and a huge package of mini Reese Peanut Butter cups,  I managed to lure her back to my side.  In fact, I think she’s become my new roommate – and quite the inconsiderate one.  Wake up calls at 5 am to write…is she freakin’ nuts?

Wait she’s my muse…so that’s a given. Plus though?  Wordage – lots and lots of wordage.  I’m closing in on the finish line on the third book in my Doms of Napa Valley – and with a little bit of luck, the first full length novel of 2016 will hit the stands by the end of April.  Of course being the naughty girl I am, I thought I’d tease you all with a snippet from it.


46096222_sAlyce continued to watch – fascinated as Ethan wound yards of hemp around his submissive. It was starkly sensual – unbearably erotic as Sabella grew more languid with each twist and turn of the rope. Her analytical brain processed each and every motion, while pondering the whys and wherefores. What kind of magic did the rope hold to cause such a reaction? Surely it wasn’t a flood of endorphins that caused it. The mere act of Shibari seemed inherently peaceful so there couldn’t be any fight or flight response. Not like the contrast of pleasure to-pain that a good flogging or whipping would produce. It was just rope. However, it does have the ability to leave the sub helpless against whatever her dominant wants to do. Perhaps it’s that…

“Are you wondering what the rope would feel like against your skin?”

The heated question so close to her ear sent a shiver down her spine. Especially when it was followed by the warm weight of one of his hands on her shoulder, the press of his aroused front against her back, while the fingers on his other hand lightly gripped her hip. The demonstration and her clinical detachment, flew right out the window as his touch stroked the barely banked embers of her desire.

“No, Sir.” She fought not to give in to the need for more.

“Then what was it that you were concentrating on so fiercely, little sub?” A gentle nip to the tip of her ear, followed his question.

Caught off guard, she trembled as her protest at his little sub comment died in her throat. A whimper slipped free when he gave her hip a squeeze after dragging the blunt tips of his nails over her hipbone.

“I’m waiting for an answer, Alyce. What’s going on inside that head of yours while you watch Sabella give over to her master?”

She opened her mouth to answer, but whatever response she was going to give, came out garbled when he pulled her back tight against what felt like a sizable erection. Sweet Jesus…is that real?, bounced around inside of her head as her womb spasmed.

“As delightful as the noises you make are, they’re not an answer.” He nuzzled her temple, before planting moist little kisses along her hairline, until his breath, hot and humid, teased the shell of her ear. “Shall I guess?” The tip of his tongue traced the curve her lobe before plunging inside.

She gasped, her head jerking to the side in an effort to avoid the sinful feelings his touch evoked. She couldn’t…. “No, I’ll tell you anything…you want….if you would….please just stop ..that…Sir.” She forced the words out between several short gasps, as he abandoned her ear to focus on the slender column of her neck. The man’s mouth should be outlawed.

“Will you, now…” He gave her shoulder once last nuzzle. “But what if I want to continue?” He gave one slow rock of his hips, rubbing his erection between the cheeks of her bottom, while holding her still.

Okay, where’s the fire extinguisher?  I think I might just need one.   Look for Benevolent Master to hit most e-book retailers in late April.


It’s all about research…
Alyce O’Connell is a desperate woman.  With her thesis almost complete on the intricate relationships between dominants and submissives, her advisor, Dr. Gylberte won’t sign off on it, until she has some actual in ‘the field’ experience. She can’t believe the woman has actually withholding her approval until Alyce has experienced at least a few weeks in the role of a dominant or submissive.  So she sets off to do what any determined grad student does – immerse herself in the lifestyle until she has enough vital information to convince Dr. Gylberte she isn’t talking out the side of her neck.  Too bad she doesn’t plan on a persistant Dom who wants her give her a guided tour of the lifestyle- or her body’s reaction to him…

It’s all about desire…

Kaleb Terzis loves his life. He not only gets to help kids by running one of the most popular youth art centers in Napa Valley, he also works part time as a Dominant at New Beginnings with several of his friends. He’s footloose and free – content to play the field of willing submissives, until a spit-fire of woman comes into the club, all in the name of research. But instead of handing off Alyce to Master Ethan, his unexpected need for the fiesty redhead has him offering to show her the ropes. Now he just has to convince Alyce, that her need to submit can be natural as breathing…

To bad neither expect to fall in love…

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