#TeaserTuesday SNOW BOUND

Lots of us are dealing with deep cold and even snow in the US this winter…if not, I’m totally jealous! But I’ve got a hot, quick novella for you to heat up those freezing nights! The best news…it’s FREE!

snow bound, dani wade, contemporary romance novella

SNOW BOUND by Dani Wade

Damon’s awareness returned in a rush, bringing the sting of snow on the skin of his cheek where it lay against the ground. He rolled so he faced the sky, even though the move caused his aching head to twist and twirl like the white flakes that had eased up a little.

“Are you all right?”

His brain soaked up the soft, feminine murmur, so different from the violent attack he’d been expecting. At once his muscles surrendered, the tension melting like the snowflakes beneath him. Pale, blurry features and an abundance of bright blonde hair leaned over him, and his mind flashed back to the last thing he’d seen before the bastard had landed his sucker punch.

Miss Priss, the woman whose only wardrobe seemed to consist of ladylike sweater sets and skirts with the occasional dress pants thrown in, stood on her back porch. A robe draped her delicate shoulders like a shiny jacket, but the front had been whipped open by the wind to reveal the valley between her breasts, the creamy skin of her stomach, and a tiny pair of panties whose color he couldn’t determine in the darkness. But all that surprising sexiness contrasted with the double-barrel shotgun resting so comfortably in her delicate fingers.

Holy shit! Miss Priss was packin’ with nothing lackin’. On both fronts.

“Where’d he go?”

“I’m not sure,” Tori said, her voice solid though he couldn’t make out her lips clearly. “When he started toward me, I cocked old Betsy again and he took off for the woods. Guess he didn’t think he could stand up against a shotgun.”

“Old Betsy?”

Her laugh danced like the snow on the wind. “Yep. That’s what my daddy always called her.”

He could lay there all night listening to her talk in her languid southern accent, but his ass was going numb.

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The last thing Damon West wants is a trip to his bookish neighbor’s house in the midst of the worst snowstorm Cadence, TN, has seen in a decade. Still, his military instincts warn him that Miss Priss could use a little help. His arrival is met with an attack by an unknown assailant and the sight of Miss Priss in a sexy wisp of nothing-much, confidently wielding a double-barreled shotgun.

Tori Anderson carefully portrays herself as a responsible bookstore owner and capable young woman to anyone willing to look twice. But two men grappling in her backyard called for speed more than decorum. That’s how the guy she’d been secretly lusting after since he’d bought the house next door sees her in a silky robe and panties—with nothing in between. Damon’s sudden interest thrills her, but she can’t help worrying about the unknown threat scared off by her shotgun blast.

Trapped in her house, snow blocking the roads and no way to reach the outside world, Tori finally has the chance to indulge her wildest fantasies. But she isn’t sure which is more daunting—the abusive boyfriend back to punish her for helping convict him of murder or her desire to have more than one night with the town’s most unavailable bachelor.


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