Naughty Girls’ Movie Night!

Wanna have a girls’ night out but too tired to go anywhere? We have the solution! This month’s event is a girls’ night IN.


The Nice Girls are hosting a Movie Night, a time for all of us to get comfy in our jammies, pop some popcorn, grab a drink or two, and cuddle up with the movie While You Were Sleeping. We’ll chat about the movie, laugh until soda comes out our noses, and enjoy some great girl time together with you, our readers. Don’t tell anyone, but there’s a rumor going around that our very own Angel Payne might appear at the party IN PERSON (via video). How awesome is that?!

while-you-were-sleepingIf you want to join us (and we SO hope you do!), rent a copy of While You Were Sleeping from your favorite rental place or grab it off Netflix…or your shelf if you already have it. (I do. 🙂 ) Then go over to the Facebook event and join in — you’re definitely invited. And on DECEMBER 13th from 6:00 to 8:00 PM EST, settle in with your movie, snacks, and Facebook for fun, fun, fun!

Come late if you have to. We’ll be talking all night, as well as giving away gift cards to our readers as a thank-you for all your support this year. We can’t wait to see you then!

2 responses to “Naughty Girls’ Movie Night!

  1. Good morning Ella,

    I look forward to some fun Sunday watching While You Were Sleeping as I’ve not seen this movie. You Nice Girls Writing Naughty always throw wonderful parties!

    I hope you have a great Thursday.

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