Better Than Sex November ~ Toll House Pie

perf5.000x8.000.inddHi, I’m Mia Downing. In my book, Spy Games: Endgame, Jake Anderson has been given an impossible task. He has to learn how to cook while on assignment, cooking for his bottomless pit partner, Charlotte Smith, while they protect his brother, actor Aaron Anderson, after a botched kidnapping. He’s conquered breakfast and one dinner item, so his wife, Tia, demands he learn how to make dessert.

Though Jake is a secondary character (he was the hero of Spy Games: Lethal Limits) his baking mission makes for fun discussions. The recipe I’m offering today is one he could easily manage and look like a rock star.

This Toll House Pie is the same as on the bag, but I add more chocolate chips and vanilla. It’s quick, easy, and uses very few ingredients. My kids love it and expect it at birthdays and holidays.

• Pie pan
• 1 premade pie crust (the Pillsbury one works best. You can make your own, but WHY??? Don’t use the frozen ones unless you thaw it. It doesn’t work.)
• 1 bag chocolate chips minus two or three handfuls (depending on how many kids are home)
• 2 large eggs
• ½ tsp. vanilla (optional)
• ½ c flour
• ½ cup sugar
• ½ c brown sugar (doesn’t matter if it’s light or dark)
• ¾ cup butter (softened)
• Whipped cream (for when it’s DONE!)
Oven: 325 degrees
• Beat eggs until foamy (this is the most important step and makes all the difference.)
• Beat in vanilla, sugar, flour, both sugars, then butter.
• Stir in morsels
• Spoon into shell

pieBake 55 minutes. I usually check around 40 minutes and see if the edges are looking brown. Then I’ll cover just the crust with foil. Check again to see if center comes out clean when pricked with toothpick. The center will also feel firm. There may be a little chocolate on the center, and that’s okay.

I’m giving away a copy of one of the Spy Games books (ebook) for a lucky comment giver! Enjoy the recipe!

~Mia Downing

(Posted by Darah Lace because Mia’s Internet was wonky. <grin>)


6 responses to “Better Than Sex November ~ Toll House Pie

  1. Oh this sounds yummy. May have found a more than suitable replacement for the chocolate pumpkin pie, of which I was the only taker. Thanks, darlin.

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