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Hello, friends! Nona Raines here.  Welcome to the Nice Girls Writing Naughty blog and this to this month’s event, Better Than Sex November, hosted by the delightful Dakota Trace! What’s better than sex, you ask? Well, food and drink–at least sometimes. And as far as I’m concerned, reading romance ranks pretty high up there, too! 🙂 For our event, each member of the NGWN group will be sharing yummy recipes and tidbits from our stories. Now don’t forget to stop by our blog every day, comment and share some of your own recipes for your chance to win an awesome basket with ingredients for Better Than Sex cake and other goodies!

Today I’m going to share a recipe for Krupnik.

Krupnik is a delicious Polish spiced honey liqueur. You can purchase the drink at a larger liquor store, but you can also make your own.  According to my research, it is especially appreciated around the holidays. The drink also plays an important role in my novella Read to Me. When heroine Blaise peruses the erotica section of her favorite book store, she meets the hero, Guy. The two of them are fascinated by the same erotic memoir and decide to read it together. As they bond over the sexy story, the store’s proprietor, Mr. Miłosc, surprises them with small glasses of the delicious liqueur.

perf5.000x8.000.inddFrom Read to Me:

The book, written sometime in the Victorian era, purported to be an autobiographical account of the author’s own adventures, studying various erotic techniques and practicing them with his many lovers. Blaise couldn’t help but think some fictional license and not a little braggadocio were involved if in fact the book was at all true. If this Anonymous, whoever he was, was half as active as he claimed, he put Casanova to shame.

But it really didn’t matter. As she read about the technique called Heart of the Rose, Blaise’s voice lowered. Somehow, that safe space between her and Guy had disappeared. Without realizing, they’d drawn closer to each other. Her hip pressed against his. As he leaned in, reading the book over her shoulder, his breath stirred her hair and felt warm on her cheek.

Her voice stuttered, then stopped altogether when his hand fell lightly on her knee.

The sound of someone loudly clearing his throat caused them both to pull back—Blaise abruptly, her heart thumping as though she’d been caught doing something shameful. Guy withdrew slowly, as if reluctant to remove his hand.

Mr. Miłosc approached, carrying a tray with three small wine glasses. He handed a glass to Blaise, another to Guy, and kept the third himself. Tucking the tray under his arm, he said. “I thought you might enjoy this.”

The glasses held golden liquor with a slightly spicy aroma. Blaise felt a bit tipsy just inhaling it.

Mr. Miłosc lifted his glass. “Na zdrowie. To your health.”

Blaise returned the sentiment in English and took a sip. The rich, sweet flavor of honey rolled over her tongue. She gave Mr. Miłosc a questioning look.

“Krupnik,” he explained. “A very old Polish recipe.”

Blaise licked her lips. “Delicious.”

“Enjoy.” Mr. Miłosc smiled and returned to the front of the store.

She and Guy enjoyed the sweet liqueur in silence, taking small sips, letting the flavor roll around their mouths and fill their senses. Though the portions were small, Blaise began to feel a pleasant buzz. Whether from the krupnik or her companion’s powerful presence, she didn’t know.

Read to Me is available from:



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Now that I’ve shared my excerpt with you, let me share the recipe!

Ingredients for Krupnik:

2 cups sugar & 4 cups water for simple syrup, if desired

1 cup honey

1 cup water (if not making simple syrup)

Spices of your choice, which may include cinnamon sticks, peppercorns, allspice berries, 1/4  grated nutmeg, sliced & scraped vanilla bean, whole cloves, 1 fresh ginger slice. The amounts are to your taste–you can add just a few or go crazy!

Lemon rind (no white pith)

Orange rind (no white pith)

2 cups of vodka

Recipes vary. Some have you create a simple syrup with sugar and water and bring to a boil. Spices (as many or few as your heart desires) and lemon/orange rind are then added and allowed to simmer and infuse the liquid. The honey is then added.

If you’d like your Krupnik stronger, you may dispense with the simple syrup and instead heat honey and one cup of water to a boil. You may need to skim some foam from the mixture. Then add your spices and again simmer.

Remove the hot liquid and spices from the heat and set aside to meld the flavors, 15 – 30 minutes. Then strain the liquid through a cheese cloth or a coffee filter to remove the spices and rind. Warm the liquid and remove from heat again to add the vodka. Krupnik may be served warm or poured into a bottle or jar to be kept in a cool dark place for a week or so.

Here's the finished product. To your health!

Here’s the finished product. To your health!

Enjoy! Or as Mr. Miłosc would say, Na zdrowie.


Now for the Grand Prize! This basket includes all the following: 

A Three Tier Cake Pan, complete with insert for filling, the makings for Better Than Sex Cake, a whisk, measuring spoons, a spatula, oven mitts, a Date Night Recipe Book, along with cool swag from Nice Girl Writing Naughty.  Oh and did I mention there’s a couple of print books to enjoy as well after you get done baking up this deliciousness?  Yep,  also included are print copies of Safeword Interrupted by Dakota Trace and Spy Games by Mia Dowing.     

So how do you enter to win?*  It’s quick and easy – you can earn an entry for each of the following:  

  1. Comment on each author’s post.
  2. Share your own favorite tempting recipe (link to recipe will do)
  3. Share the blog hop with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. 

*This contest is open only to U.S.  Residents.

Easy peasy, huh?  So all you have to do is stop by the Nice Girls Writing Naughty blog each day (Nov 15-30) to get some yummy recipes, meet some smexy men, then share with us.  Leave the rest to Dakota.  She will tabulate the results and draw a winner on December 1st. 


Have a wonderful week, all!

Nona Raines
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7 responses to “Better Than Sex November: A Sweet and Spicy #Recipe! @ngwngroup

  1. What a fun story, Nona! I love the premise and the idea that the two characters got to explore this book and special drink together!

  2. Ooh! The book and the recipe sound lush and delicious. Thank you for sharing! I’m crossing my fingers that I win this cool prize. 😉

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