A Wish Granted – Release Day

A Wish Granted Gold

This story started as a way to see if I could write a story that would be engaging. In 2010 I entered my first attempt in The Stroke of Midnight contest by Passionate Ink. It was this story and with it I became a finalist. That was the beginning of me taking my writing seriously. This story has had a good number of changes but I love Allyn and Logan more now than I did when I first met them and I can’t wait until you meet them, as well.


​ Allyn Hauser likes sex, and she loves to play…role play. For her special guy, she’ll be the college professor to his frat boy, the damsel in distress to his greedy mechanic or the demanding client to his red hot masseuse. This sexy role play allows her to be close to the man she wants and having the hottest sex she’s ever had, while attempting to keep her heart at a distance. The man in question is the brother of her best friend, the most sought after bachelor, and all around Adonis…Logan Patterson.

With her best friend getting married everything is about to change and she’s trying to be okay with that, but the week of the wedding Allyn’s world starts to fall apart. One of the bridesmaids tries to expose a dark secret from Allyn’s past, Logan the man she secretly loves, wants to change the rules of their games and bring their relationship out of the closet. She’s terrified that the bride-to-be, Logan’s sister, will not condone the relationship and put her out of her wedding and her life taking away the only stable family she’s ever had. Throwing back antacids like they were mints, and keeping a smile on her face is breaking Allyn down, inside and out.

Allyn must decide if is she going to keep her true feelings concealed and live with the lies or will she stop hiding behind the games, risk it all, and accept what Logan’s offering as A Wish Granted.

A Wish Granted is a full length, stand-alone novel. Trigger warning – Heroine describes past trauma.

Where to get A Wish Granted 

Amazon – http://tinyurl.com/nvfmh9k

ARe – http://tinyurl.com/nvgopms

Kobo – http://tinyurl.com/qhn82ef



The setup was simple, white satin background with our black leather couch. I hoped the guy would complete the rest of the look. I’d talked to him in a few emails and once on the phone. I asked Karee to wait with me while I met the man in person.

“Logan’s here he can wait with you.” I could hear Karee’s excitement as she tore around the corner with her overnight bag. “I’ll just send him in and then I’m going out with Barry. Have fun.” With a quick kiss on the cheek, a huge smile, and a little wave she was gone.

When I saw Logan, I was stunned speechless. I wanted to just forget that model who was coming and ask Logan to model for me. “What a coincidence you showed up. I don’t know if Karee told you but I’m waiting for a model.”

“I saw a flyer that said you were looking for an attractive male model who would like to pose for charity. I don’t know if I fit the bill of what you’re looking for but I am a willing specimen. If you find me acceptable, tell me what you want me to do?” Of course, he would put it like that. Even if he was not the most attractive guy I’d ever met, I’d have to use someone who put himself out there like that. I was humbled that someone would put themselves in the position to be rejected. I would never do that to myself, this was only one of the things I admired about him. Confidence and grace, two things I would love to borrow.

“Actually, I’m waiting for someone, but I’d love to use you as my model.”

“About that…the model that you’re waiting for is me. I set it up so that I could spend some time with you and if you’re willing to let me help you, then I could be the hero in all this.”

“Is that important to you? To be the hero?”

“I’d like to be your hero…as ridiculous as that may seem to you, it’s the honest truth. Who knows, if I do a good job at this you may even talk to me in more than one syllable answers. You may smile when I catch your eye instead of turning away like you weren’t following me around with your sultry gaze.”

“Are you flirting with me, Logan?” I must be imagining this, because this couldn’t be true. A shrug of his shoulders was the only response I got to that question.

He was dressed as if he’d just got off work. Logan could rock the hot professional look like no other. The attire? A custom fit grey suit, white button down shirt, peach and gray striped tie and black shoes. He was exactly what I was picturing when I thought of this scene. Truth be told he, was exactly who I had pictured when I set up all of the scenes in my head.

“It looks like you came straight from work. How did you not tell me it was you I was talking to on email or the phone?” I tried to keep it light, but I was so nervous. I’ve never been good at small talk with him. Tragically, I always ended up staring at his mouth or into his eyes and losing track of the conversation. Looking and feeling stupid was not what I liked to have happen to me, especially around him. That was the other reason I avoided him as much as possible. Thank goodness I’d met the rest of his family before I met him, so at least they thought I had some sense because I am pretty sure he thought I was a lunatic.

“You rarely talk to me on the phone and when you do it’s very brief so you didn’t recognize my voice, and email is easy. When Karee talked about you needing a hot model for a calendar layout that would help some charity and she was concerned about how you were going about finding a model. She’s so impressed you were looking to expand on your creative side. All I needed to hear was that you had a need… and I wanted to fill it.” He was way too charming not to know how that sounded, and he walked closer and ended up right in front of me so I couldn’t continue to look elsewhere without looking peculiar. “How do you want me?” Such an innocent sounding question, but it took my mind on an express trip to the gutter.

“I’ll take you any way I can have you.” I turned and walked a couple of steps away from him so I could clear the lust fog that had taken over my being. I was trying to concentrate on getting the camera and lighting right so I didn’t focus on the butterflies that have gotten into my stomach and were flying around willy nilly.

I hope you check out the book and then let me know what you thought. You can find me at any of the locations below.

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There will be a release party for A Wish Granted and a few of the Nice Girls Writing Naughty will be in attendance. Feel free to come over and see us – https://www.facebook.com/events/1629318030655062/1630507780536087/ .  I’ll give away a copy of A Wish Granted to a random commenter near midnight 10/07/2015. Until then I hope you all get your wishes granted.


2 responses to “A Wish Granted – Release Day

  1. Great excerpt!! Congrats again on the new release, Leela! 😀
    Please don’t enter me as I already have my copy.

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