NGWN #AuthorInterview: Lara Archer

One of our Nice Girls Writing Naughty, Lara Archer, released her very first historical erotic romance just a couple of weeks ago. Today, Lara talks about her new book, playing with all those straightlaced Regency rules, and her varied tastes in historical fiction.

Congratulations on your release, Lara!

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Poor, plain spinster Mary Wilkins has no business falling in love with Viscount Parkhurst. They may have been best friends in childhood, but he’s the wealthy, powerful lord of the manor now, and everybody knows he’s bound to marry a beautiful local heiress. Mary tries to resign herself to a life of hopeless yearning, but when she and the viscount find themselves entangled in a stand of wild blackberry vines, unexpected passions flare.

The viscount can’t seem to keep his hands off her. But is he planning to make her his wife—or only his secret mistress?

* * *

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* * *

Lara, what do you find to be one really cool aspect of your story?

It’s Book One in a series called The Rites of May, all set around the ancient celebration of May Day. I love taking the well-mannered, proper Regency setting  and letting loose the wild pagan energy of springtime. My characters won’t know what hit them…but they’ll all have fun.


What creates conflict between your hero and heroine? Between them and others?

Oh, goodness…Viscount Parkhurst and Mary Wilkins spent almost all their free hours together as children, roaming through the woods and dreaming of becoming pirates. They’re soulmates—but adulthood in rule-bound Regency England makes their relationship almost impossible.

She’s the penniless sister of a clergyman, and he’s one of the richest men in Britain, expected to marry a woman who’ll be able to dance with dukes and wear rubies like she was born with them clasped around her throat. Not to mention that everyone in town assumes he’s already engaged to be married to the glamorous daughter of a local lord.

Mary and John spend most of the book trying desperately to resist their attraction to one another…but Springtime has a way of making even the most civilized people follow their instincts!


Name something readers would be surprised to know about you.

I actually grew up on a street named Puritan Road. Nice irony, considering I’m now writing historical erotic romance. Not very puritanical of me.


What do you love about writing in your romance sub-genre?

All the lush romance and the hot sex!! I’m one of those (apparently rare) romance writers who truly relishes writing the love scenes. Swoon!!!!

* * *

We can’t wait for more hot historical romances from Lara in the near future. To keep up with new release dates, check out Lara’s blog here.

About Lara

Lara Archer is a multi-award-winning author of historical and contemporary erotic romance. She loves Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte, but also classic erotica like Fanny Hill and the works of Anais Nin…and her books show both those sides of her. Whether you love handsome dukes in lavish ballrooms, or hunky forest rangers on redwood-covered mountains, Lara writes stories that will warm your heart, and fire your desires!

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