O is for…Once Upon A Time #atozchallenge

Once upon a time, in a land far away…

How many of our favorite first stories began this way? I know a lot of mine did, though at that point I wasn’t too keen on the romance aspect. Who cared if Sleeping Beauty got her prince? I was all about the dragons and horses. But those four words at the beginning of a story meant there’d be excitement, danger, villains, and main characters who couldn’t catch a break. But I always knew they’d end up happy in their world at the very end. And if they didn’t (like the original version of The Little Mermaid) I could count on Disney to set the facts straight and give me ending I wanted.
As a romance writer, what keeps me coming back to the genre is the promise of a happily ever after. Most of us don’t begin our stories with “Once Upon A Time…” but the formula is tried and true. When you pick up a romance you know that inside those pages two characters will meet, fall in love without admitting it, only to have that love tested before finally–FINALLY–admitting they can’t live without the other.
There’s nothing better in this world.
~Mia Downing
So what’s your favorite fairy tale?

6 responses to “O is for…Once Upon A Time #atozchallenge

  1. Hi Mia, great post. My favorite fairy tale is sleeping beauty, but mostly because I loved Maleficent, even before she became famous in her new movie. She’s one of those bad guys you love to hate. And I loved the prince because he fought through the briars and slayed the dragon (sniff) to rescue Aurora.

    I would have said Disney’s version of The Little Mermaid, but Eric wussed out and nearly married another woman. Yeah, he was under a spell, but love is supposed to be stronger than magic. And then of course, Ariel had to rescue him instead of the other way around. Kick-butt heroines are all the rage, but I like it the old-fashioned way where the hero does the heavy lifting.

  2. Hi Mia, I love fairy tales. Some of them are pretty scary, though (they put the grim in Grimm’s fairy tales). I think my fave is Puss in Boots–as a cat lover, I have to appreciate that the cat is the smartest character in the story! 🙂

    • DD and I were discussing the original fairy tales earlier, Nona. She was appalled at how gruesome they are! I love Puss in Boots, especially the Shrek version. 🙂

  3. I’m glad you found comfort in fairy tales, Noonie! I think Disney counts as a new generation fairy tales because those are the stories most of us grew up with. My daughter loved 101 Dalmatians, too.

  4. I loved Cinderella a’la Disney. My mother had mental illness, and living with her was like living with the evil stepmother and all the stepsisters, so watching Cinderella’s escape gave me hope.

    I also loved 101 Dalmations, but that’s not really a Fairy Tale. I suppose that for me, Disney became the fairy tales, because I wasn’t exposed to the others until later. 🙂

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