N Is For… Nice Girls Writing Naughty! (C’mon, you HAD to see that coming…)

2015-04 Pigeon


Happy Thursday!  We’re halfway through the A-Z Challenge and back to me, A. Catherine Noon.  I decided to share a little bit about us, the Nice Girls Writing Naughty.  We started in June of 2014, so we’re not even a year old.  The brainstorm of two awesome writers, we came together for a common purpose:  to share our love of writing and being, well, nice to each other.  The world is filled with awful things, but we wanted to put the focus on the awesome.  And in ten months, I’d say we’ve succeeded.

Each of us writes in the romance genre, among other things.  We are wives, moms, sisters, friends.  We craft, cook, and cry in the movies.  We have a ton in common, yet we are each unique – just like you, Dear Reader.  We’ve been around the world of publishing for a long time, some of us, and our collective experience has taught us one thing:  it’s impossible to predict what’ll happen next in the world of books!

So I turn to you, Dear Reader:  what kinds of stories do you most enjoy reading?


6 responses to “N Is For… Nice Girls Writing Naughty! (C’mon, you HAD to see that coming…)

  1. Hi Noony, great post. I go in streaks. Sometimes I load up on romances, then I switch to mysteries, other times nonfiction. I love to read, though, and can’t imagine ever doing without it!

    • Yeah, I’m like you, I rotate around in my interests. I love knitting design books, and other craft-type books. My current interest is in journaling, memoir, and diary. 🙂

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