M is for…Muse.

M is for…Muse.

Happy hump day everyone.  Nese Lane here, and I was lucky enough to be assigned the letter M in the NGWN A to Z Blog challenge.  Lucky, because I get to talk about something close to my crazy artistic heart, my Muse.

Almost every writer/artist will tell you they have something that triggers or enhances their imagination – a Muse.  Not in the literal sense of the daughter goddesses of Zeus and Mnemosyne, but in the creative inspiration needed to do what they love best.  It could be anything from a gorgeous view (man candy included), to a cup of their favorite coffee or tea.

My visionary juices seem to flow best when I listen to music. Yes. Music is my muse.

The notes appease my spirit, and the lyrics have inspired many a sexy passage.

That being said, I have certain artists on my playlist, which motivate me to write a particular type of scene.  Maroon 5’s innuendo filled lyrics help spark thoughts of hot sex, Green Day and Dead Kennedys when I need a little angst, and Panic! at the disco’s upbeat sound spurs me on.  There are way too many to name, but you get the idea.

I decided to share a link to one of my favorite Maroon 5 songs.  Listen closely to the lyrics and you’ll understand why I use it as inspiration.  Oh, and looking at sexy Adam Levine is an added bonus.


adam HR

The range of today’s Muses is infinite, so my question for you today is… What inspires you to be creative?  What is your Muse?


16 responses to “M is for…Muse.

  1. LOL I laugh because I can see you with your ear buds in, head bobbing to a beat I can’t hear. You turned me on to my music muse. I listened to Carrie Underwood while writing my last book, Sexting Texas. But as Lorelei said, it depends on the mood of the scene. I was working on my WIP the other day and I had to turn off the country, which was weird because my hero is a cowboy. But my heroine has been in Italy for 8 years and has a more sophisticated polish. She’s also very assertive and I haven’t found any music that fits her.

    But mostly my inspiration comes from movies, books, and from observation of something mundane that is taken for granted. I like the “what if” factor that could give something simple a twist…like kneading dough. 🙂

    And hey, you know I’m always happy to be inspired by the manflesh you post!

    • I’m glad to hear my muse helped to inspire yours in a new way. I love that something simple can trigger a new idea for you.

      You know I’ll always have a hottie to post when ever needed.

      Thanks girlfriend.

  2. Great blog, Nese! Actually, I can relate to everyone’s Muse. I prefer quiet when I write, but I’ll listen to music when the scene requires more emotion. My music choice depends on the action. When I’m really stuck, or feeling creatively sluggish, I’ll read passages from favorite books.

  3. Hi Nese, what an awesome post. I enjoy music, but I think a lot of my ideas come from reading and film. They tend to spark my ideas. I enjoy reading advice columns and a lot of times I’ll think “that would make a great story!” 🙂

    • Thanks, Nona! I think it’s so cool that you’re muse is other forms of creativity. I can see how reading and movies could definitely inspire new ideas.

  4. Silence is my muse, but when I need to be ‘in a certain mood’, then I listen to R & B and jazz!
    There are exceptions! After a few shots of Jim Bean’s Fire with my writing pals, I jammed with rock ‘n roll and somehow managed to type a decent scene!

    • Susan,
      R&B and Jazz definitely set the mood. Sceaming silence is what it seems like to me at times. I guess it goes to show how everyone’s creative process is different. I only wish I could think when it’s completely silent. Amazing muse.

      Jim Beam Fire huh? Sounds like fun!

  5. I was just talking about this with another author. I can only write in silence I wish, upon wish, upon wish that I could have a soundtrack to go with the book that I’m writing but alas I cannot. I start humming and then singing and then I’m using th brush as a microphone while I’m in full concert mode…with not a word written.

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