G is for…Generations


There are so many different words starting with G but one kept resonating with me. Generations…that kept filling my mind. My thoughts on this are about the core of family and the generations that make up family. This brings to mind time spent with family on holidays, weddings, funerals, movie nights or any kind of get together. I find myself during each one looking around at my family in wonder at the generations of people in the same room. Of the memories — good and bad — shared among us. The knowledge passed down from one generation to another. The traditions shared among each and kept alive through the next and beyond. It’s about the life of the generations that keeps the family going. With each generation there is the past, present and the upcoming future moving forward onto the next generation.

In the case of my generation we keep the traditions of the past and share it with the present so they can take it into the future. For example, when I was a kid my mom used to always ask me about my day and I got used to sharing what happened with her and my siblings. It was our way of keeping connected in what was going on in each other’s life. That has continued although she’s no longer with us; what she taught us has lived on. Now my siblings and I do as she did—sharing what is going on with us. We have passed this on to my nieces and nephews. It has become part of what they do. That connection is the most precious of things and it’s continuing for the generations.

What are some of the family traditions you have that have passed on through generations?


Taige Crenshaw
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8 responses to “G is for…Generations

  1. We have something called ‘Homey Claus’ at Christmas. He gives anonymous gag gifts to random family members at the family party. We always laugh and smile as we discuss past gifts that have shown up. 🙂

  2. Great post, Taige! Those traditions keep us connected to our loved ones even when they’ve passed. In my family we wear funny elf hats at Christmas time–the first ones were made by my Grandmother and each successive generation gets its own.

  3. My mother, my sister’s family and my family get together every holiday and each holiday has it’s own menu. My sister and I tried to change a few things a couple of years back but it was met with extreme resistance. Thus, the traditional holiday menu continues to live on…LOL

    Great post 😀

  4. My mother said that birthdays have the Birthday Porcupine, like Christmas has Santa Claus and Easter has the Easter Bunny. I kept pestering her for who got birthdays, because “nobody” just didn’t make sense to me. Thus, the Birthday Porcupine was born.

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