F is for Forever!


Forever! As a hopeless romantic “Forever” is one of my favourite words. I love it when I close a book, hug it to my chest and sigh with delight because I know the characters will be together forever and ever.

It can be heart-pounding and heart-breaking to go on the journey with the hero and the heroine. They are human (well, most of the time;), so mistakes will be made. One of my favourite journeys is when the main character didn’t plan to find his or her Forever.

In Rescue by Ruin Beatrice has only one goal: escape the upcoming marriage her mother had set up for her. Her plan is incredibly risky, but she sees it as her only way out. Her plan does not include finding her soulmate and her Forever. It was so much fun to help her discover that Forever was a possibility for her.



In Tangled Redemption Sydney had given up. After what had happened to her and the betrayal she’d endured she’d made a conscious decision to give up on her Forever. Hah! As if I’d leave her hanging like that:). She ends up getting kidnapped by two Vampires and Things Happen!


There is also a fabulous and fun TV show called Forever! Highlander meets Castle…or that’s how I see it;). If you haven’t watched it yet, definitely check it out if for nothing other than sexy Ioan Gruffudd. He makes a very fine hero;).


What is your favourite Forever?



10 responses to “F is for Forever!

  1. I always enjoy when the author gives a brief glimpse of the characters in an epilogue, so we readers can see their HEA after all the heartache they’ve been through.

  2. There are so many forevers that I love so much. Too many to mention, but I do like when authors bring the characters back in another book or as a short just to check on how their forever is going.

    Great post and….I was distracted by Ioan as well, but it was a very nice distraction 😀

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