Friday FAN: Brandi & 50 Shades of Grey

Welcome to our first ever Friday FAN post! I’m so excited about this new blog feature, that

will introduce you to some of our very special fans and their love of reading.


Today’s guest is Brandi D from Massachusetts. Brandi recently had an uber cool experience in Romancelandia and I asked her to share it with us. Luckily for me, she said yes!

Brandi, tell us a little (or a lot) about yourself.

Hi, I’m Brandi! I’m 35 years old & from Massachusetts. I’m a sitter & I’ve been watching kids since my first nephew was born when I was 12 years old. I always have kids around me, so at night I like to have my “me time” and I read. LOL

50 Shades of Grey, Nice Girls Writing Naughty, Friday FANI read just about everything, but my favorites are anything with romance in it… I’m a sucker for romance! I’m a friendly person, but I can be really shy sometimes. When I’m used to people then I really come out of my shell. Once I’m used to you, I’m a super fun person & you will find out quickly that I love to laugh & I’m very quick with a comeback. LOL


I’m also the type of person that doesn’t care what people think of me. I may be a little weird, but get to know me & you will see how awesomely dorky I am. I’m the type of person that would post vids of myself singing & dancing…well, I have done that & if you’re on my instagram, I’m always posting vids of me singing when I’m bored. LOL

So that’s a little about me. =)

Recently Brandi had the unique experience of being able to attend the NYC premiere of the 50 Shades of Grey movie! I’ve asked her some questions about this very fun time.

1. You received this opportunity in a very special way. Will you share with us how you ended up attending the NYC premiere of 50 Shades of Grey?

There are blogs out there that are #OfficialFifty blogs, and they will do giveaways courtesy of the people that are in charge at Fifty Shades. Well, the bloggers were given a pair of tickets to giveaway to the #FiftyShadesFirst event that the Today Show was doing. It was a 48 hour contest. Some had a rafflecopter, some you had to leave a comment, some had different tasks you needed to do.

50 Shades of Grey First, Friday FAN

I didn’t know how many blogs were involved, I just searched as many as I could find and entered them all. LOL I was determined to try to win. The contest started on a Thursday & ended on Saturday, & I thought everyone was informing their winners Saturday. I had seen people posting about them winning. I hadn’t heard anything so I just thought I hadn’t won & was like “Oh well, I’m still seeing the movie Thursday Feb 12th anyway”.

That Sunday I went to church & I had come home & was gonna nap before the Super Bowl came on, & I just happened to check my email… In my mail I had an email that said “Fifty Shades First Tickets” so I opened it & saw I won!! I pretty much cried like a baby. LOL Then I immediately called my cousin to see if she had to work that Friday. When she said she didn’t, I said “Good! Because I just won tickets to the Fifty Shades event in New York City & the cast is supposed to be there!! WE ARE GOING!!”. My cousin thought I was joking. LOL Nope, I do not joke about stuff like that. LOL

2. What all was involved in the FSOG event you attended? Can you describe what happened that night?

I got a confirmation email that said I had to pick my tickets up between 5 & 6:30am! We drove from Massachusetts at 1:30am & got to NYC a little after 5am. When we got to the theatre, there was a huge line outside, but I thought we should find a worker and ask where I needed to go… It was a good thing I did that because I didn’t have to wait out in the freezing cold!!

The workers looked at my paper & told me to go right past everyone & go into the tent to get my tickets. =) When I went in, the lady checked our ID’s and we were handed our tickets & a little gift. It was a little pouch & an envelope. In the envelope was a mock contract the Today Show made, & in the pouch was a movie replica of the key to the Red Room!!

50 Shades of Grey, red room key, Friday FAN

We walked down the tent to the other area where we had to show our tickets. We were told to go ahead in… the area we were in was the black carpet!!! The workers said we could take our time & take as many pictures as we liked!!

After my cousin & I took our picture, I turned & saw some very handsome gentlemen in grey suits holding trays with drinks on them! Since it was a morning thing & not everyone was 21, the drinks were just juices in tall glasses & glass bottles of sparkling water with grey & white straws in them. LOL When we got into the theatre there were more people lined up with trays of food… yogurt with granola, chocolate-covered strawberries, some salmon thingy that I def wasn’t touching. LOL And they of course had popcorn & plastic bottles of water (we couldn’t take the glass bottles into the theatre)… and all of it was free!!

We found our seats. We were in the orchestra, Row P. In the front of the theatre the Today Show had lights, cameras & chairs set up to do an interview, so we didn’t have that bad of a view. Things got started & the Today Show hosts introduced Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan, EL James & Sam Taylor-Johnson (the director of the film) & interviewed them for a few minutes. (A few other cast members were in the audience, Eloise Mumford who plays Ana’s friend Kate, & I believe the guy that plays Christian’s brother Elliot, Lucas Grimes.)


After the interview they whisked Jamie & Dakota off to the Today Show studio & took down the cameras & lighting & we got to watch the whole movie. When the movie finished, they set the cameras & lights back up & brought the 4 of them back out… and at this point they strolled down the aisle I was in, so I was so close to Jamie I could touch him. LOL

50 Shades of Grey First, Friday Fan, Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson

They did one last segment, & everyone in the place was cheering for them! They were so awesome!! When we were exiting the theatre I noticed there were cameras in the lobby & one of the workers told me they wanted to get fans reactions… so I went over to one of the guys so I could give my reaction. They wanted our facial reaction… so I did a cheesy smile & put two thumbs up. LOL There was another area where the camera person was doing interviews, but my cousin wouldn’t go with me… so I skipped that guy. LOL

Before we officially left the theatre we were given posters!! The poster was of Christian shirtless in his jeans!! Thank you very much Today Show, I really appreciate my shirtless Jamie!! LOL 😉 I had alot of fun at the event, & it was so great to get to see the film with fans that were just like myself!

3. What was your favorite moment?

Getting to watch the movie with people that were as big a fan as I am… and of course, getting to see the cast in person! I think they were really touched at our reaction to seeing the movie & Dakota thanked us for coming out so early to come to this event.

50 Shades of Grey first, Friday FAN

4. No spoilers, but how was the movie?

I loved the movie! I know everyone has their opinions and should see the movie for themselves, but I loved it. Dakota Johnson just totally blew me away as Ana… she was everything I pictured the character to be. And Jamie Dornan… *swoon* He did an excellent job!

5. Were you a 50 Shades fan before this?

Yes, I was! At first when the all the news & talk shows were talking about the books, & I heard things like “Mommy porn!”, it kinda made me not wanna read the books. To know me, you would know I’m this really shy, innocent church mouse… I really am. LOL

So hearing what I was hearing just turned me off from the books. My cousin had read the first book & said that I needed to check it out. After thinking about it, I realized that I should read it myself & form my own opinions instead of listening to everyone else… if I didn’t like it, I could just stop reading it.

After reading the first book, I found that it was interesting and I liked it. I related to Ana a little bit, & the story is more than just about sex. I ended up going through all three books in about 4 or 5 days! I ended up loving the story! And when I found out they were making a movie, I was dying to see how it turned out!! I’m glad I got to be in the audience during that first fan viewing… it was a special moment for me. =)

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us today, Brandi! What an exciting trip that was. Readers, have you ever been to anything like this before? Any favorite books turned into movies? Have any questions about the event for Brandi?

Who to Read After 50 Shades of Grey, 50 Shades of Grey event, Dani Wade, Ella Sheridan, Angel Payne

One lucky commenter on this, our first Friday FAN interview, will win a copy of a totally cool anthology that some of the Nice Girls are featured in: Who to Read After 50 Shades of Grey is available now for only 99 cents! Included are fun excerpts, unique interviews of all the authors, and suggestions of what to read for those who love 50 Shades type books.





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15 responses to “Friday FAN: Brandi & 50 Shades of Grey

  1. fangswandsfairy is the winner of a copy of Who to Read After FSOG. Thank you all for helping us welcome Brandi to the blog, and look for more Friday FANs and Friends every Friday, right here.

  2. Brandi

    I’m impressed first that you are a sitter with kids all day. It takes a very special person to have that occupation.

    And, like you I love to read.

    Thank you for sharing of yourself with us.

  3. I’ve never done anything like this and certainly never won anything like it either. Brandi is always so lucky in winning blog contests! Couldn;t have happened to a nicer gal!

  4. So cool! I just smiled the whole time I was reading it, because I knew this had to be a great experience for you. When you enjoy books, and then get to enjoy a special event related to said books, it just means that much more! Thanks for sharing with us today, Brandi!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing this, Brandi!! The PR machine around this movie has been intense. It sounds like whoever put the event together was really creative–love the idea of the replica keys and the handsome guys in gray suits. Glad to hear the actors did a good job, too.

  6. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful experience. I felt like I was there with you …without the whole getting up and leaving at 1:30AM part…LOL. I’m glad you had a good time. That key is an awesome keepsake.

    • The reason we had to leave at 130am was because my cousin worked til almost midnight,… she works 3 to 1130 shift at the hospital. I had thursday off & she was gonna try to see if she could leave early & catch a nap before driving(she drives, & I don’t lol) to nyc, but it didnt work out. And thanks to my family & maintenance guys working in my basement, I didnt get alot of sleep! After the event we went to visit our other cousin in Long Island,… and I ended up passin out on her couch for about an hr lol. We had to drive back home that day because we both had to work Saturday! It was a long day, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world!! ❤

  7. Brandi, thanks so much for stopping by today! What an exciting event–I’m so jealous. It sounds like you are a true die hard fan, getting up at 1:00 am to drive that far for your tickets. You must have been exhausted by the end of the day, but I’m sure it was worth it. Congratulations and thanks so much for sharing. It was a fascinating read.

    • I’m happy I could share my experiance with you all! Thanks for having me as your friday fan,… i’m so honored to be asked to share my story with you all. ❤ I replied under Leela's reply on why we had to leave at 130am,.. cuz my cousin had to work til almost midnight & she was the driver! I was super exhausted by days end, but it was so much fun!!

  8. Fantastic! Loved reading about your event, Brandi. I can’t believe they even made the straws gray and white striped! I’m so glad you got to attend. 🙂

    • ❤ Yep, the straws were pretty great,…. and I was in HEAVEN with the men in the grey suits holding the trays! *swoon* I was so overwhelmed when I got into the place, that I didnt even think to take pictures of the guys! smh

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