Wednesday’s Wild Ride Around the Web with Aunt Noony


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It’s Winter in Chicago.  This means snow, and ice, and cold; lather, rinse, repeat.  (Preferably with the Oxford comma.)  I snapped this shot while hiking in Anarctica and it’s a picture of the giant ice sheet that broke off the continent and it’s the size of Delaware.

Oh, sorry, wait; that’s from the movie, Day After Tomorrow.  The picture is actually of the snow drift at my bus stop.

My bad.

This week I have a bunch of good stuff for you.


First up, my post this month is up over at the Torquere Press blog, Romance for the Rest of Us.  I changed it up this time and picked an image from loldogs instead of lolcats.  And who says I can’t vary my routine?

Next is an installment in our regular interview series with the amazing Darla M. Sands.  This time, Darla offers My Virtual Sit-Down with M.J. O’Shea and Piper Vaughn, Co-Authors Extraordinaire.

Over at Chez Noony, I share some thoughts on Walking In This World.

Proving that Noony should never be trusted unsupervised with a camera, I share a peek behind the curtain with some candid Noon and Wilder shots.  (And nobody tell Rachel these are up there, kthxbi.)


Writers are obstinate creatures.  My community blog The Writer’s Retreat has a feature for you called One Writer’s Obstinacy. Long live the Oxford comma!

Banner 2010-08

I’m hard at work on the keepsakes for the Keepsake Tour, to celebrate the release of Emerald Keep – the tour starts March 8th, and the book is out on April 8th.  In the meantime, c’mon over to see what’s been happening at Chez Noony – knitting, candles, and soap.

From a darker place comes an essay on Anorexia and Journaling.  If you struggle with trauma or psychological issues, there is hope.  I promise.  Get help.  Persevere.  Heal.

Remember, the BDSM-a-palooza is from Feb 17th to the 19th at the Smutketeers!  I’m participating with 50 other fabulous authors and the amazing ladies of the Smutketeers – there will be daily prizes, a grand prize with gifts from all of us, and more fun than you can shake a whip at.

Dark Beauty - Sexy Woman in Lingerie lying on Black Couch

Remember the Nice Girls Writing Naughty will be hosting a very special event –

Fantasy Date Night with the Nice Girls and their friends, Feb 21st, on our Facebook group from 6:00p to 11:00p Eastern Standard Time.

I have a free workshop, and I’d love for you to come play with me!  You’re welcome even if you come late to the party – there’s plenty of strawberries and chocolate to go around!

Here’s a bit more info:

Too often, writers assume that creativity is a matter of luck or rare talent.  But author A. Catherine Noon shows us that each of us can write and unleash our inner creativity.  In a one-month online workshop that draws on exercises and games, Catherine helps us identify the core values and strategies that will help us tap into our own creative potential, whether we’re “serious authors” or just writers who enjoy the written word.  It is a workshop that will help each of us be more productive and successful with our writing and to sustain our creative output.

You need to be a member of CTR to participate, but it’s free.  Here’s the link so you can join us.

That’s all for now, Dear Reader.  We’re ever-so-grateful for your continued readership and wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day!

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”
– E.E. Cummings

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The Keepsake Tour begins March 8th.
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