Wednesday’s Wild Ride Around the Web with Aunt Noony – and a Question


Hi. My name is Boria. I know I’m not supposed to be on the table. As you can clearly see, I’m not on the table. I’m on the blanket, which is wrapping up the fresh batch of handmade soap, which is on the table. No part of me is actually touching the table. You can see that, can’t you?

Happy Wednesday! It snuck up on me this week.  I was on vacation the week of the 8th and didn’t really catch up to myself until this morning, and realized hey, wait, it’s Wednesday!

I have a bunch of good stuff for you this week:

We received the edits and cover art form for Emerald Keep.  We’re getting ready to turn those in, and Torquere now does pre-orders!  Once they get the cover art finalized, we’ll announce that on our blog and here, so keep your eyes peeled.  Release day is April 8th and the Keepsake Tour starts March 8th.


I have some fun things this go-round on my blog.  First up is Sunday Box Talk, Questions and Answers.  The new year is a natural time to think about the direction of our lives and to put energy toward steering our ship in a particular direction.  Next up is A Writer In Her Library. Finishing the organization of my books gave me some unexpected insights. Walking In This World, named after Julia Cameron’s second book in The Artist’s Way trilogy, features some amazing woodblock images.  And then, for something completely different, a poem.  I haven’t written poetry in over a decade.

Banner 2010-08

I made a hat to match my Bryce Canyon Shawl.  I share the process of designing it, here.  I want to do another one, same yarn, but with different stitch patterns.  I’ve been thinking about making a hat with a lace pattern, but I’m not sure how that will work.  Maybe a lining?  We’ll see.  Ooh!  A double-hat?  Like a sweater set, only with a hat.


Two posts over at Torquere for you.  First, a travelogue from Las Vegas and my trip to see my coauthor, Rachel Wilder.  Second, another travelogue and ruminations on edits.

Which brings me back around to the front of my post (like how I did that?).  Editing and writing are two different disciplines that are mutually exclusive.  One cannot write and edit simultaneously.  The processes can be learned, which is good news for novices, and can be improved upon, which is good news for us involved in the craft in one form or another.

So tell me, Dear Reader: if you could travel, anywhere in the world, as a travel writer – so you would have to report back on your trip in some form, either written, maybe television or even a podcast – where would you go, and why?

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”
– E.E. Cummings

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2 responses to “Wednesday’s Wild Ride Around the Web with Aunt Noony – and a Question

  1. Ooh, ooh! I know where I’d go! 🙂 Scotland. I visited there several years ago and fell in love! I’ve also been to Ireland, Wales, and Britain, but I just didn’t feel the same connection. Scotland would be my destination of choice!

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