Teaser Tuesday – Dirigibles Are Forever by Tina Christopher

I am very excited to share a teaser from my brand new release Dirigibles Are Forever. It released today from Loose Id and is a super-sexy Christmas novella set in an alternative Victorian London (aka steampunk), filled with adventure, secrets and fun as well as a dash of James Bond.


Holly exhaled. “Mr. Tannenbaum, I do not care who will work the shift. Just be aware that it won’t be me.”

He nodded and gave a big sigh. “I understand. Smith is also working this Christmas, and it’s his first time. He is without family as well and told me he was willing and able to work Christmas. I had hoped he would have you and your experience beside him.” Tannenbaum shrugged. “Not a lot we can do about that if you’re certain you must leave.”

“Smith?” Holly swallowed. “Do you mean Jack Smith? From the Cardiff office?” Images of the man who had arrived four months ago flashed through her mind. The tall, rugged figure. The black hair and azure eyes that captured her every time he looked at her. The edge of danger surrounding him.

Since Her Majesty Queen Victoria had passed the Equal Rights Act shortly after she took the throne, men had needed to adjust to changes in their lives. Even now, nearly five decades after the law passed, Holly still found some men staring at her with a frown when they realized they were required to follow her orders. As if she couldn’t do the same work as good if not better as her male colleagues.

But Jack Smith had never responded in that manner. From the first time they’d been introduced, he’d been friendly, chatty, and just a pleasure to be around, accepting her position while sharing his experiences from the Cardiff station.

And his smile. His features were too roughly hewn to be called handsome, but his warm smile melted many things, including women’s knees. More than once Holly had needed to pinch herself to remember where she was.

She had clung to the idea of him as a new member of staff, as someone who required her assistance. Otherwise her thoughts tended to take very different and rather inappropriate paths.

Paths that involved tingles across her body and moisture between her thighs. And copious use of her personal manipulator.

Completely inappropriate.

But if I’m leaving anyway? The idea came out of nowhere. If I’m never going to see him again, I can fulfill a fantasy. No one will ever know.

Dirigibles Are Forever

Working as an Aether Traffic Controller saved Holly Acklin after the death of her husband, but now she wants more—including a night of uninhibited passion with Jack Smith, whose very presence has kept her body tingling for months.

Special Agent Jack Smith kept his identity a secret when he came to the London Royal Port Authority with one assignment, one he cannot fail. It holds him back from following his attraction to Holly. But on the eve he must complete the mission, Holly asks for one night with no rules or boundaries, and his control snaps.

When London experiences an unexpectedly white Christmas, all dirigible traffic is grounded, leaving Holly and Jack free to act upon their stormy passions. Holly finds her determination to stay emotion-free crumbling unaware Jack is experiencing the same need. Each lover wishes for more, but fears it can’t be. Instead they focus their desires in mind-blowing passion.

But when Holly discovers that Jack isn’t who he claimed to be, everything is thrown into turmoil. Can she trust the man she thought she knew?

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