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I hope you’ve been having a great NaNo, everyone! I’m Taige Crenshaw and today I wanted to share with you that going with the flow is a great thing to have as an writer. The ability to adapt and change is a benefit when writing your story. So let’s discuss Versatility.

Using Versatility to Your Advantage

One thing I’ve learned is to be versatile. No matter if it is in my daily life or in my writing. Things come up in both you don’t expect and you have to know how to bend what you have planned to suit the unexpected things. For example the other day I had my dinner all planned out. I was leaving from work in my day job when I thought of what I would eat for dinner when I got home. I remembered that I had some turkey pieces in the freezer and I figured I would make that with some rice. However when I got home I opened the freezer and saw no turkey. It was then I realized I had eaten the last of it. I had my mind set on the turkey but since I didn’t have any I had to come up with an alternate. Made chicken instead and it was just as filling.

This is what I mean about being versatile. It is the same in my writing. Sometimes I have a plan in my mind how a story will go but when I write all of a sudden it changes. I’ve learned to go with the changes and let the story go where it must. Believe me when I try to stop a flow it gets me stuck. So by going with it I am able to write. More times than not it is a good flow. This is what is happening in my latest book. The story is taking me places I didn’t expect and it is a great thing. I can’t wait to see where it will go next.

It sounds simple to be versatile but sometimes you get bogged down and don’t listen to where your story is taking you. You fight it then it stalls and it is frustrating. But if you can embrace versatility and realize that as a story evolves it grows and changes it will create a synergy in your writing.

By learning to listen to my versatile side I’ve experienced lots of great things.

Now for my question. 🙂 What are some ways you can think of to use Versatility in your daily activities and/or writing?

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3 responses to “NaNoWriMo – Versatility

  1. Taige one of my favorite things to do when dealing with an issue in the home is to ask my kids how they would solve the problem. 12 yo boy and 10 yo twin girls. May sound strange but they each have a different perspective and often their solutions are a lot less complicated than what I may have come up with.

  2. I love the example of the turkey and the chicken, Taige. That happens with my characters. “You’re going to Boston.” “Actually, I’m going to Los Angeles.” Um… If I go with it, the Los Angeles angle really has a lot to recommend it and the Boston angle will be nothing but an uphill battle. Funny how we have to keep learning that same lesson, over and over, isn’t it? Good luck for a strong finish with NaNo!

  3. Thanks for reminding us to think outside the box, Taige. Sometimes it is so difficult to let go of what I think is best or what I want to happen and just allow the creative process happen. Looking at a scene, problem, or issue from a different angle to gain a better perspective can really open up ideas.

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