Hot Tips for Finishing NaNo!!

There’s just one week left to triumph over the challenge of NaNoWriMo, and lots of us have major word-count ground to make up. (I just squeaked past the 30,000-word mark today, but that leaves almost 20,000 more words to write in five days.)  If you’re like me—and, like so many of us, you also happen to be a busy working mom, with Thanksgiving to plan, to boot—can you still make it over the finish line?

I’m here to tell you YES, YOU CAN!!

So I’ve got some tips for you today—and, not entirely surprisingly, they sound a lot like the tips I’d give you, under all the same stressful circumstances, for how to keep your sex life hot:

1. Don’t apologize for focusing on your own needs: You’re never going to get much pleasure in life if you keep putting everyone else first, and the same goes for getting your writing done. Stow the kids in another room with the TV, at least for a couple hours. Forget about vacuuming and laundry. You deserve some quality time doing what brings you satisfaction!

2. Do it in public: If you haven’t yet, tell everyone you know that you’re trying to finish NaNo. Post your word count on Facebook, tweet it to the Twitterverse, put up a sign in front of your house. Just like sex in public, the potential for public embarrassment can, um, pump up your energy level magnificently.

3. Have a glass of wine: You need to let go of your stress, and all your inner editors. You are beautiful, baby! Just let it flow!

4. Try something new:  Is your usual routine bogging you down? Write by hand for awhile if you normally word-process. Or write in a different place than you normally do—in a café, or a park, or at a buddy’s house. A little change of scenery can work wonders.

5. Bring out the whipped cream: Like sex, writing shouldn’t feel like a chore. If you’re feeling bogged down in a scene that’s not lighting your fires, skip to one that seems more exciting. It’s like having dessert first! Who cares if it’s completely out of order? Nobody every said you have to hit every point from A to Z.

6. If all else fails, don’t wait for inspiration, just DO it!!:  Too tired today? All the little stresses of life have you feeling “just not in the mood”? Don’t let that stop you! Just get started, no matter how grumpy you are.  Set a timer for 15 minutes and keep your fingers moving over the keyboard without a single pause until the chime rings. (No matter what, DON’T STOP TYPING, even if you have to just keep typing the same phrase over and over until the next pops into your brain.) Before you know it, the mood…or, um, of course I mean the muse will show up and party.

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Good luck, NaNo-ers! Have a fabulous final week!

9 responses to “Hot Tips for Finishing NaNo!!

  1. Thank you. I needed the push. I am much further behind then I was last year at this time. Just need to write, write, write!!!

  2. Thanks for the great tips, Lara. I’m going to try the sprints to help get through this next week. I’ve never done it before. It might be fun to see how much I can get done in such a short amount of time.

  3. Lara, LOVED all these suggestions. The 15-minute sprints are always super helpful for me–especially if you can get together with some friends and “race”. But wine doesn’t hurt, either. Tee hee.

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