Power. Perfection. Seduction. Sin. KILLIAN STONE is in the house…

dearlordgodthankyouWell, hello there, everyone. Killian Stone here, assisting my friend ANGEL PAYNE is announcing the release of her book, written in partnership with VICTORIA BLUE, titled NO MORE MASQUERADE.

I am a forthright man, so I feel it my duty to declare my mixed feelings about discussing this particular story. To say that these ladies put me through the “ringer” in this episode of the Secrets of Stone series is–well–a mild understatement.

Before they brought on the ringer, they DID allow Claire and I to enjoy a wonderful trip to Europe, however…complete with stops in Venice, Rome, and Paris…along with all the romantic possibilities of each city. *Wicked grin* I am particularly fond of the evening we spent at the opera in Venice…enjoying the “benefits” of the private box that I reserved for us that evening. It’s a damn shame that my asshat brother had to interrupt our gondola ride on the Frand Canal afterwards, however… *disgruntled snort*

I WILL convey that this book is filled with what you ladies like to call “OMG moments”–some that even I didn’t see coming. All in all, it was quite an event-filled journey toward what I HOPE is going to be a calmer Happy-Ever-After for Claire and I!

But…Victoria and Angel have already announced there is a Book 3 in the works. *Pinches nose with his thumb and forefinger* Dear God help us all.

BUY LINKS: AMAZON   BARNES&NOBLE   And coming SOON on iBooks and Kobo!



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