TEASER TUESDAY: “Animal Attraction” by Angel Payne

Happy Teaser Tuesday, everyone! 


I am THRILLED to be telling you about a novella I’m releasing as part of the EXCLUSIVE “Danger Zone–Tales of Military Passion” box set, being released for a very limited time starting on October 14th.

Things you TOTALLY need to know about this box set:

–It’s only 99 cents

–It features NINE of your favorite military romance authors, including:

Marie Harte

JM Madden

Kennedy Layne

Desiree Holte

SE Jakes

Elle Kennedy

Eliza Gayle

Olivia Jaymes

–ALL material in the box set is BRAND NEW MATERIAL for all of us

–It’ll only be available for 60 days

–All proceeds will benefit HOPE FOR THE WARRIORS, a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for post 9/11 servicemen, women, and their families. chanandjenn

–My novella for the book, ANIMAL ATTRACTION, features the same adventure, passion, and wild plot turns that you love if you follow the W.I.L.D. Boys of Special Forces series. Unlike the W.I.L.D. Boys, the hero of this tale is a Navy MP. Also unlike the W.I.L.D. Boys, the love scenes are straight-up HAWT SEX, without a BDSM element involved. (Though I guarantee that you’ll never quite look at a piano the same way again…*evil, naughty giggle.*)

–Like a lot of my heroes and heroines, I based Kaden Tiernan and Charlotte Sinclare on a real-life couple–one of my favorites, actually! Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum!


So how about a teaser…?



Life’s a jungle.

Nobody agrees with that more willingly than workaholic bioscientist Charlotte Sinclare, struggling as her mind and body are subjected to waves of inexplicable lust for a faceless dream lover. Normally thrilled with journeys into the scientific unknown, Charlotte isn’t amused by this joke—especially upon discovering that the man of her fantasies is Naval MP officer Kaden Tiernan.

Oh sure, Kade’s a hunk—a fact not ignored by Charlotte three years ago, when her focus on a research expedition was interrupted by a wild crush on the man. But Tiernan made it clear that all he saw in her was a brainy prude, burning any connection they’d share, even as friends.

Only now, their survival depends on them being more than friends. Much more.


Pheromones set free during Charlotte’s experiment have mutated into primal need, turning Kaden Tiernan into a lover Lottie has never dared dream of before. In his kisses, she learns beauty. In his touch, she learns surrender. In his passion, she learns strength.

But none of it is real. The bond is a chemical reaction, nothing more—a truth Charlotte and Kade attempt to accept together, even as fate twines them tighter each day. Can they continue keeping their hearts closed while their bodies tangle? Or is it impossible to seal one’s soul off from falling in love, even if it’s only animal attraction?



“Goddammit, Charlotte. What are you waiting for?”

Somehow, she managed a baffled stare at Aimee. “What…the…”

Aimee lifted a sardonic smile. “That would be your friend. Mr. Asswipe.”

Her stomach had already confirmed that truth. Everything churned with anxiety, anger, curiosity and fear, adding to the physical chaos she fought while letting herself into the office that had been her second home for the last two years.

New definition. The room in which a bomb had been detonated.

The devastation was so complete, Charlotte forgot about the owner of that hard, dark summons. Nothing existed except the shock and grief of staring at the last two years of her life, now inexplicably exploded.

Thousands of notes and files were strewn across the floor, the desk, and the work table. Her computer was on and opened to a document she’d encrypted three ways. Even her prized Ansel Adams prints had been taken off the wall and laid in the corner, stacked neatly against each other.

“What the—”

Her sob took the place of the final word. She’d asked fate to crush the peeled grape of her composure and it complied in full. Trying to breathe down her horror was a huge mistake, instead delivering the sonic boom of that scent again.

“Shit.” The force of the aroma was a thousand times worse—and better—in here. Her mind and body were called by it from the inside out, like the allure had been carved straight from her DNA. Charlotte shuddered, trying to fight the impact but conceding a miserable loss. Her hands fell to her thighs and scraped their way toward her needy core, though another anguished cry fell from her. Satisfying the ache in her clit wouldn’t feed the need that throbbed in the reaches of her womb.

She needed the source of that smell. Deep inside her body.

She needed him.

Behind her, someone slammed the lock on the door.


The syllables left him in a snarl, matching their animal energy on the air. Answering instincts prowled to life in her nervous system, quickening her breath, pumping more blood into her sex. She stopped her hands. Clenched them into fists. Bunched them against her stomach, fighting the primal pull with every ounce of strength she could still gather.

What the hell was this? There was no logic to fall back on, no scientific explanation to be summoned. She was more lost by the second—and more afraid. The only “science” that seemed to fit here was the stuff preceding “fiction.” Was that really the case? Had some alien body snatcher invaded her—and him?

Oh God, yes. Him.

His voice told her so much now. It was raw, desperate, deep—and dripping with the same erotic hunger plaguing her. She knew that once she turned to him, she’d see it all on his face, too. Oh hell, yes…

“No.” She stumbled back. Her foot landed on some of the scattered papers, making her fall to her ass. She didn’t let that stop her from pumping her feet to skitter further away from him.


It was deeper than before and full of twice the command—emanating from the mouth that hadn’t changed in the three years since she’d last seen it. As always, his lips were sinfully lush, even in his trademark scowl. The jaw in which it was centered hadn’t softened at all, his strong chin jutting, cheekbones taut under the heavy stubble on his lightly-tanned skin. The hard angles continued up to his temples, which bracketed a pair of eyes filled with molten copper fire that heated her from head to toe as soon as her gaze met his.

Hell. The heat in his eyes…

Okay, that part was new. And the way his shoulders now seemed the length of a football field, covered in moguls of muscle…that was new, too. And damn, had his legs always resembled twin tree trunks, even encased in those loose black workout pants, easily lifting him past six and a half feet? She didn’t remember him being so tall, either.

The differences unsettled her as much as seeing him again. Correction, being locked in a room with him—and now pinned in place by the force of his stare alone.

Kaden Tiernan. The soldier who’d cold-shouldered his way to a lifetime’s worth of her disdain. The bastard who also happened to have thick, dark chestnut hair and a body twined with power. And now that voice and those eyes…

No. No.

It all fit. He fit.

She fought the truth even as her body forced it on her.

Her fantasy lover now had a face—belonging to a man she’d never wanted to see again.


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