Teaser Tuesday: Striking a Chord by Dani Wade

Dani Wade, romance author, sexy contemporary romance

Welcome to Teaser Tuesdays on the Nice Girls blog! I’m so excited to share bit of my newest Backstage Pass release with you! These rockers keep me on my toes, I’ll tell ya. Striking a Chord stars the Irish man of my dreams, Sean Rosslair. He’s Meghan’s dream man too, but one she doesn’t think a woman like her deserves. After all, her ex-husband spent their marriage telling her she was dirty–why would Sean feel any different? But this bad boy rocker is about to convince her otherwise…

Success as a US rock star is payback to Irish drummer Sean Rosslair, whose father insisted music was a waste. Now Sean just needs to see the body to go with the smokin’ sexy voice of his new assistant, and his world will feel complete. But she ends up being the very woman he should never have.

Anxious to do a good deed, Meghan finally exposes her plus-size presence to her boss. Only he doesn’t react the way she expects—to her body or his brother. She takes her punishment for her white lie well—too well. Meghan can’t refrain from begging her boss for another spanking…but can she let go enough to embrace romance with a rockstar?

Can Sean teach Meghan his erotic secrets before a hidden enemy puts him out of commission—permanently?

Caution: This book contains sassy dialogue, dark secrets, and a hero who knows how to transform pain into pleasure.


Meghan rolled over, squinting open gritty eyelids to peak at the clock on the bedside table. After arriving at the hotel from the concert arena, she’d lain on the bed for just a few minutes and must have drifted off. All the lights in the room were still on, and her suitcase lay open on the bedspread beside her.

Only an hour had passed.

The slightly grungy feeling from her long flight had multiplied while she slept, reminding her that she’d planned to take a shower. Actually she was more of a bath girl, but she didn’t want to risk drowning if she fell asleep again.

She made it quick, once she figured out how to work the faucet in the shower. The shock of cold water before the hot woke her up slightly, but she knew her body. One steamy shower, pjs, and a warm bed—she’d be out like a light. She could deal with Sean’s anger in the morning.

He’d been none too happy with her when they got to the hotel. She’d ignored him, much as she would a child having a tantrum, while she checked in and got her key. Her southern starch had been evaporating under her exhaustion. Dueling wits with Sean took brain power, and she needed sleep for that to rejuvenate. Instead she’d made her way to her room.

It wasn’t until they reached her door that she’d turned to him for the polite good night. Instead of anger, his face had held a strangely intent expression. Thrills had traveled down along her nerves, though she’d tried to ignore them.

But she couldn’t ignore the way her heart had stopped as he’d reached out to finger a big, fluffy curl in her thick hair. “It really is good to be meeting you, Meghan.” His husky voice sent her into yet another tailspin, until all she could do was mumble as she escaped into her room.

Do not fall for that rock star charisma, she firmly reminded herself. Teasing was one thing. Falling in love with her boss would be an epic mistake. As for falling in lust—it was way too late to stop that.

Now her arms were almost too heavy to drag her oversize T-shirt on, so she settled for that and a pair of panties. Hopefully the hotel wouldn’t catch fire while she was asleep. Having to run around outside without a bra would be embarrassing beyond measure.

She walked back into the bedroom and stared at her suitcase. Man, her body felt like lead. Pulling the luggage off the bed was just too much trouble right now. Maybe she could curl back in around it like she had earlier?

“Need a hand with that?”

If she’d needed proof of her girlhood, her squeal ringing off the walls would have been it. Fatigue clouded her every sense, so she’d missed Sean, who seemed to have taken up residence in the chair in the corner of her room. “What are you doing here?” she demanded in a deliberate bass, pressing her hand to her now racing heart.

“Enjoying the view?”

“Does this room look like a tourist attraction to you?”

“It’s some kind of attraction, at least.”

The fun house, maybe. Luckily she kept that to herself as her heart rate dropped closer to normal. Not that it was ever completely normal around Sean. Over the phone or in person, he revved every engine she had.

His gaze returned to her bare legs, causing her to tug down the hem of her oversize T. Just a look should not turn her on. “What do you want?” she asked around clenched teeth.

“I want my assistant to assist me.”

“Can’t it wait until morning?” Or at least until I’m dressed?

“It cannot. You’ll be sleeping when we get there.”

Uh-oh. She looked wistfully at her bed. “Where?”

“Rosslair House. You wanted me to go. We’ll be leaving in a few minutes.”

“But I just got here.” Was that a whine in her voice? Not pretty, Meghan. Not that he would possibly care.

“Too bad,” he said. “You got me into this. You can go along for the ride.”

That grin looked totally sadistic. She had a feeling he knew just how jet-lagged she was—and planned to use it to his complete advantage. Punishment, indeed. “Fine. I’ll meet you in the lobby in…” She glanced toward the clock.

“No, ma’am. Give you a chance to disappear? I don’t think so.”

Striking a Chord is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble now, along with the first 2 books in the Backstage Pass series: Finding Her Rhythm and Settling the Score.


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