Teacher’s Pet Scavenger Hunt

TeacherPetBadgeWhew!  School is back in session and for most of us parents we’re all breathing a sigh of relief, even as our hands cramp from signing everything from our kid’s syllabuses to forms giving the school permission for this and that.  Now is the time for us to give a sigh of relief, kick our feet up and savor the silence.  Or perhaps even reminisce about our own school days – which class we enjoyed or hated, which teacher we thought was too cute to be teaching, and OMG did you see the new guy in Algebra?   It ALMOST makes me want to return to school – ALMOST.

Truthfully I’m happy to be out of school, couldn’t pay me a million dollars to go back, but damn I do miss checking out the new guys and seeing which one of my male classmates grew five inches over the summer.  So when it came time to take my turn hosting our monthly event, I had schoolboy hunks on my brain. At first I thought why not find a bunch of pictures and have readers check out some yummy eye candy…but then my muse, Livvy had to pipe up and say…wait that’s not engaging enough. We need something that will whet the readers appetite and make them want to go from blog to blog.  Of course, I wanted to tell her to shut up, but that would be cutting my nose off to spite my face, so I’m like okay…what’s your idea?   Well, I shouldn’t have done that. Livvy is incorrigible.  Below is what she came up with….I do hope you enjoy this hop and forgive the pure randomness of this…scavenger hunt. My muse is a bit…shall we say a scatterbrain?

“Hey I resent that, slave – without my randomness, you wouldn’t be able to write your damned smut.”  A curly dark-haired vixen wearing a leather mini and a red satin and lace corset props her hand on her hip

(Did I mention she’s a bit crass as well?) “Which you never let me forgot. Everyone,  this is Livvy. My pain in the butt muse. Why don’t you tell them about the scavenger hunt?”

Livvy sticks her tongue out.

“Real mature.” I shake my head.  (Dealing with my muse is like dealing with a five year old at times.)

“Just ignore the pouting writer. She’s just mad I won’t tell her how to fix her current WIP. She’s a smart girl, she’ll figure it out.”  A smile tugged at her ruby red lips. “So about this scavenger hunt.  Ms. Stick-in-the mud wanted to just have you going from hop to hop and gathering the names of sexy young things.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that,” I protest.

Livvy tosses her hair over her shoulder. “No there’s not, but think how much more exciting it would be if you used heroes from your books? Am I right? Don’t we all want to know more about our books’ favorite leading men?”  She bats her eyes. “So keeping in the spirit of slave’s little ‘back to school’ theme, you are going to get the chance to find out some little revealed secrets about your favorite NGWN author’s men.”

“Like what they were voted to most likely to do after high school,”  I add.

Livvy nods.  “Right.  So below is a list of all the blogs for you wonderful peeps to visit. And to make things more interesting we’re not just telling little known secrets – we’re also having tons of prizes, from e-books to gift certificates at each stop.”

“But don’t forget about the grand prize.” I interrupt.

Livvy rolls her eyes. “Of course not. Want to win a $50 gift certificate to Amazon? It’s easy. Just jot down the name of each “teacher’s pet”  as you hop from blog to blog, then come back here and enter them in the form below.  Each correct name works as a single entry…so if you hit all 14 stops plus comment below on this post,  you’ll get 15 chances to win.   On Monday, slave will draw a winner. Easy-peasey.”

“Of course you say it’s easy-peasey…”  I growl.   “But in interest of getting you all started, I’m going to let my muse’s comment slide and give you the author’s blog links and send you on your way. Have fun and I hope to see you back on Monday.”

Blog Links

Angel Payne        Cynthia Sax         Dakota Trace

Dani Wade        Ella Sheridan        Harlowe Wilde

Jianne Carlo       Lara Archer      Leela Lou Dahlin

Noon & Wilder      Nona Raines

Taige Crenshaw       Tina Christopher

 *NOTE: An answer for Linden’s pet is no longer required. Please ignore that question. Each submission will receive a free entry for that blank question.*


23 responses to “Teacher’s Pet Scavenger Hunt

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    • You’re Welcome. This was a blast to plan and my fellow NGWN pals have been great for humoring me. 🙂


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  3. What a great Scavenger Hunt blog hop! =) Had alot of fun reading about all the guys at each stop! Tell your muse I said thank you for the idea, Dakota! =)

    Take care & I hope you have a great weekend!! ❤

    • Shhh….can’t let her get a bigger head than she already has…but I’ll give her some chocolate to thank her. 😀

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