Dickens Versus….Um…

Charles_Dickens-A_Christmas_Carol-Title_page-First_edition_1843  OR 12900491

Okay, I won’t go with the obvious “D” word to match Dickens — We’ll go with “Hottie,” how about that? 😀

We haven’t gotten to have ANY fun on the blog recently! I’ve missed it; how about you? 🙂 Well, I found a fun little quiz to liven up your day. For someone like me, who earned a degree in English Literature, Dickens is the Holy Grail of Victorian writers. How many of his characters sounded like they should be in romance novels, do you think? How many of today’s romance authors give their characters names that sound like Dickens?

Wanna find out?

Dickens Character or Romance Novel Hottie?

Try this quiz! I did — and only scored 76%, LOL. 😀 How about you?

~ Ella

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